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Estimize is an open financial estimates platform which facilitates the aggregation of fundamental estimates from independent, buy-side, and sell-side analysts, along with those of private investors and students. By sourcing estimates from a diverse community of individuals, Estimize provides both a more accurate and more representative view of expectations compared to sell side only data sets which suffer from several severe biases.

5032 analysts contribute to Estimize, resulting in coverage on over 900 stocks each quarter. The Estimize consensus has proven more accurate than comparable sell side data sets over 69% of the time.

The firm was founded in 2011 by former quantitative hedge fund analyst Leigh Drogen, with the belief that the financial ecosystem was ready for an estimates platform built with an open and transparent philosophy.

The Estimize consensus estimate is regularly referenced in notable financial media sources such as Forbes, Barron’s, The Wall Street Journal, CNN Money, The Street, Investors Business Daily and Business Week, amongst others.

Estimize data is now available on major financial research platforms such as Bloomberg.

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Our Team

Leigh Drogen

Leigh Drogen

Founder and CEO


Leigh started his career as a trader at Geller Capital where he helped run a successful quantitative strategy based on several core behavioral finance principles. He later started his own asset management firm, Surfview Capital, and was an early member of the team at StockTwits before founding Estimize. Outside of building Estimize you can find Leigh at Madison Square Garden watching the Rangers or on the rink at Chelsea Piers playing hockey.

Brian Smith

Brian Smith



Brian is a full-stack software engineer and entrepreneur: founder of QRawr, former VP of Engineering at KidZui, and former minion at Google. The rare moments when not coding or reading are usually occupied by beer, food or travel (occasionally all three at once).

Adam Patten

Adam Patten

Front-End Developer


Front end web developer with a passion for the open, semantic web. Spends time away from the computer rock climbing and playing hockey.

Jesse Youngmann

Jesse Youngmann



Jesse is a software engineer. He enjoys working on algorithms and data science at Estimize and likes reading, running, and finding great pizza in NYC.

Nicholas Klick

Nicholas Klick

Senior Developer

Nicholas is a full-stack engineer and entrepreneur. He was Lead Engineer at Faculte.com, co-founder of TargetMobi and an Engineer at Alice.com. Outside of coding, Nicholas enjoys biking, traveling, carpentry and hanging out with his wife and kids.

Ilya Scharrenbrioch

Ilya Scharrenbroich

Senior Developer

Ilya is a full-stack engineer with a passion for finance and economics. Previously he was a VP in Sec Lending IT at Goldman Sachs and Lead Developer at MommyNearest.com. Outside of coding, Ilya enjoys playing pool, golfing, and cooking Indian cuisine.

Josh Dulberger

Josh Dulberger

Product and Analytics


Josh has a background in cognitive science and his post-academic life has focused on the intersection of data, technology, and behavior. He founded liftninja.com, and has developed product strategy for a number of startups, most recently as part of his role as lead data scientist for Blue Jeans Network. Josh enjoys literature, music, whiskey, dirtying his hands on his or someone else's car/bike/motorcycle/house, and pursuits in the mountains.

Cynthia Koo

Cynthia Koo

Lead Designer


Cynthia is a designer and entrepreneur. Previously, she was an analyst at Wunderman specializing in telling stories with big data and co-founded EEME. Outside of Estimize, she loves traveling, writing, making lists, and sampling New York City's dimsum restaurants.

Kevin Havas

Kevin Havas

Content Director


Kevin provides commentary and analysis on the latest breaking news in earnings, mergers and acquisitions, economics, and all things technology. Aside from sharing his research through the Estimize blog and various content syndication partnerships, you can find Kevin watching European soccer or talking about Game of Thrones for hours on end.

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Matt Wallaert

Matt Wallaert

Matt is a behavioral scientist and technologist who has advocated for transparent financial data since his role as Lead Scientist at Thrive (acquired by LendingTree) let him get an inside look at the predictive power of science based on literally millions of transactions. He's worked with organizations as diverse as the AARP, Treasury Department, American Express, TED, and Playboy. When he isn't busy helping startups create behavior change, he's playing lasertag with other founders or in the kitchen, cooking for a crowd.

Steve Miller

Steve's experience covers a range of work in venture capital, finance, and corporate development. He has experience working for high-tech companies as an equity investor, debt provider and operating executive. Steve currently works as the Chief Financial Officer of Warby Parker, a ground breaking e-commerce and fashion company. Previously, he ran finance and corporate development for Majestic Research for 5 years, where he led the successful sale of the company to Investment Technology Group (NYSE:ITG).

Vinesh Jha

Vinesh Jha

Vinesh runs ExtractAlpha, a boutique advisory firm in Hong Kong which is foused on bringing analytical rigor to the analysis and marketing of new data sets for the capital markets. Vinesh was the Director of Quantitative Research at StarMine, where he developed industry leading metrics of sell side analyst performance as well as alpha signals based on analyst, fundamental, and other data sources. Subsequently he developed trading signals for proprietary trading desks at Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley, and most recently as an Excecutive Director at PDT Partners, a spinoff of Morgan Stanley.

Wayne Mulligan

Wayne Mulligan

Wayne is a serial entrepreneur in the Financial Media and Technology space. Most recently he was CEO of The Institute for Individual Investors (IFII), a financial education & publishing company. At IFII, he helped grow sales to $10 million and spearheaded the company's sale to market-leader Agora Publishing in 2011. Wayne began his career in equity sales and graduated from Columbia University.


Can This Crowdsourcing Platform Predict Facebook's Next Acquisition? 26 MAR, 2014 FORBES.COM

Estimize has demonstrated that the crowd is pretty useful when it comes to creating real, money-making strategies based on earnings.

Estimize named by Fast Company to The World's Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Finance 10 FEB, 2014 FASTCOMPANY.COM

For building a crowdsourced platform for analysts that throws a wrench in the Wall Street monopoly on quarterly-earnings forecasting.

Estimize CEO Leigh Drogen named to Forbes' 30 Under 30 for Finance 6 JAN, 2013 FORBES.COM

Company is becoming popular on Wall Street by essentially crowdsourcing estimates for key data points on financial earnings releases.

Estimize lets analysts at asset-management firms and those just tracking stocks on their own provide their own estimates 25 MAY, 2013 BARRONS.COM

The crowdsourcing network Estimize (estimize.com) also raises questions about the process by which analysts at investment banks and brokerages generate their prognostications.

Estimize aims to replace sell-side analysts with crowdsourced earnings estimates - and now Gnip is selling its data 24 APR, 2013 PANDODAILY.COM

That's why today, the company teamed up with social media data broker Gnip to sell its data. Gnip already sells social data from the biggest financial social network, StockTwits, where Drogan previously worked. The partnership with Gnip basically...

Gnip adds earnings predictions and analysis from Estimize to its enterprise social media data service 24 APR, 2013 THENEXTWEB.COM

Social data provider Gnip has added another arrow to its already impressive quiver of web-services today with Estimize, an independent platform for accessing earnings data on publicly traded stocks.

Estimize's Data Licensing Deal with Bloomberg Validates Social Finance 18 APR, 2013 ADVANCEDTRADING.COM

Estimize, the crowdsourced earnings estimate data platform for buy side and independent analysts, signed a licensing agreement with Bloomberg to feature Estimize’s earnings data on more than 900 publically traded stocks over the Bloomberg Professional...

Bloomberg Terminals Get Estimized 17 APR, 2013 BLOGS.WSJ.COM

Estimize, the online platform that presents an alternative take on earnings estimates and research, got a big vote of confidence Wednesday from Bloomberg, as the market-data provider and the site announced a deal to integrate Estimize's data on...

Estimize Looks to Tap the Wisdom of the Buy Side Crowd 2 APR 2013 ADVANCEDTRADING.COM

Buy side firms traditionally rely on sell side analysts for earnings estimates on public companies. But many people feel the sell side estimates have become commoditized, so they are looking for differentiated data. So, what if there was an...

A Better Earnings Estimate? 13 SEP 2012 BLOGS.WSJ.COM

We as well as others have complained about the earnings estimate game the market plays, where Street analysts erect a low bar for companies to hurdle, executives clear it quarter after quarter, and stocks jump. So we were intrigued — albeit with s...

Stock Market Prediction Startup Estimize Raises 1.2M Series A 11 SEP 2012 TECHCRUNCH.COM

Estimize, a site where users try to beat Wall Street analysts by accurately predicting public company earnings, has raised $1.2 million in Series A funding. The company was founded by Leigh Drogen, formerly of StockTwits. Drogen has described...

Beat Wall Street With Crowdsourced Earnings Estimates 11 SEP 2012 FORBES.COM

Now 26, Drogen runs Estimize, a website that collects the wisdom of the crowd – professional analysts and basement-dwelling savants alike – to produce a crowdsourced whisper number that beats the Wall Street consensus 67% of the time.

On Estimize, An Open Financial Estimates Platform, Users Are 67 Percent More Accurate Than Wall St. 11 JUN 2012 TECHCRUNCH.COM

Estimize generates even more accurate results compared to the pros when it’s given more data. If there are four or more estimates given for a certain company’s quarter, the Estimize community beats out Wall Street 67 percent of the time. That number hits

New York's Tech Scene Heats Up 9 JUN 2012 FORBES.COM

I enjoyed seeing former Wall Street analyst Leigh Drogen of Estimize, Inc. who very cleverly recognized the disparity between what the Street projected a company’s earnings to be, and what they ultimately were.

Estimize, an Earnings Crowd That Beats the Street 23 APR 2012 BUSINESSWEEK.COM

Estimize is the brainchild of 26-year-old Chappaqua (N.Y.) native Leigh Drogen. The site invites anyone to contribute earnings estimates—including sell-side analysts at banks who make up the Wall Street consensus, their buy-side clients at hedge funds and


Hedge funds with assets under management in the range of $2 billion to “around” $20 billion are now using data from Estimize.com. The site, whose self-described purpose is to “publish your view of where a company’s most important fundamental metrics are h

Estimize Takes Stock Gamification One Step Further With Challenges 16 APR 2012 TECHCRUNCH.COM

Estimize is a startup trying to discover the true "whisper number" of public stocks — not just the official analyst consensus, but what Wall Street really believes. To make that happen, it's encouraging investors to post their own estimates — and...

Estimize, a More Honest Look at Earnings Estimates 7 DEC 2011 BENZINGA.COM

Wall Street analysts are about to get some serious competition – you. After coming out of a beta with 250 individuals, Estimize is ready for primetime. The site is now open to the public, allowing anyone to sign up for free and begin participating in the

EXCLUSIVE: Founder of Estimize Explains How He Plans To Disrupt The World Of Wall Street Research 7 DEC 2011 BUSINESSINSIDER.COM

Meet Estimize, the fin-tech startup that is hoping to disrupt the way Wall Street does sell-side analysis. Yesterday, the company pushed its beta site into the public, and got the chance to sit down with its founder, Leigh Drogen, between two...

Meet Estimize, The New Startup That Plans To Blow Up The World Of Wall Street Analyst Predictions 7 DEC 2011 BUSINESSINSIDER.COM

Meet Estimize, the new financial-tech startup that lets independent analysts forecast earnings and revenue for some 2,000 plus securities to see how they stack up against Wall Street sell-side analysts in an attempt to flesh out that whisper number. Leigh


We’re proudly backed by two excellent venture capital firms and a host of amazing angel investors. Our investors from across the financial data, social media, and investment industries bring invaluable expertise and insight to our team.

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