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Estimize API

Integrate Estimize data into your financial models.

Top investment professionals around the globe use the Estimize consensus to benchmark their expectations against their peers, manage risk, and find alpha producing opportunities.

Our API returns data in an easy-to-use JSON format. We offer individual licenses on a per-seat basis, and licenses for institutions on a desk-by-desk or firm-wide basis.

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Leigh Drogen and Vinesh Jha - Estimize, Inc.

In our paper, “Generating Abnormal Returns Using Crowdsourced Earnings Forecasts From Estimize” we examine consensus EPS and Revenue forecasts derived from the crowdsourced community Estimize, and find that they are more accurate than traditional Wall Street equity analysts’ consensus forecasts. We then design a profitable strategy which trades on earnings surprises as benchmarked against Estimize. Finally, we demonstrate that a strategy which exploits the differences between the Wall Street and Estimize expectations prior to earnings dates earns excess returns, particularly among large cap stocks.

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Rick Johnson - Rice University

We examine new forecast data from buy-side and independent analysts collected by Estimize, an open crowdsourcing platform. We compare these forecasts to those of sell-side analysts covering the same firms, found on IBES. The results show that announcement-period stock returns are more strongly associated with the signed earnings surprise calculated using buy-side and independent (Estimize) forecasts. Our study also has potentially broader implications. Estimize as a crowdsourcing platform represents a market solution to the shortcomings associated with sell-side analyst forecasts perhaps resulting from their incentives. The application of technology to enhance the information environment of firms is innovative and possibly revolutionary.

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