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The Most Accurate And Representative Estimates Data Set Available

Equity fundamental and economic estimates crowdsourced from buy side, independent
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Estimize crowdsources earnings and economic estimates from 103,643 hedge fund, brokerage, independent and amateur analysts. By collecting estimates from a diverse community of individuals, we've built a highly accurate and representative data set of true market expectations.


Our data set and alpha producing models are growing stronger every quarter.

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In an event-driven context, our Estimize FES model captures value for pre-earnings trades and during post earnings drift. For long-term investors, we demonstrate low risk value strategies that deliver superior alpha with low volatility. ”

— Wolfe Research, Yin Lou

We found multiple benefits to using the Estimize dataset; especially in the case of short term applications in which accuracy is essential.”

—Deutsche Bank Quant Research

Adding Estimize data to our new earnings analysis tool helped us earn the Industry Award for #1 New Tool from”

—TD Ameritrade

Estimize is a market solution to the inherent bias of sell-side analyst forecasts, which produces more reliable & timely estimates due to its size & diversity.”

—Rice University, Rick Johnston

More accurate than wall street
74% of the time

This graph shows the percentage of time that Estimize has been more accurate than Wall Street since we began collecting data in 2012.

The Estimize Consensus is consistently more accurate and robust than traditional data sources of Wall Street consensus like Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S. And while 70% of companies beat their Wall Street consensus, only about half will beat Estimize in a given quarter.