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About Estimize

Launched in 2011, Estimize is an open financial estimates platform designed to collect forward looking financial estimates from independent, buy-side, and sell-side analysts, along with those of private investors and academics.

By sourcing estimates from a diverse community of individuals, Estimize provides a more accurate, more timely, and more representative view of expectations compared to sell side only data sets which suffer from several severe biases.

Currently, 96,211 analysts contribute to Estimize, resulting in coverage on over 2,200 stocks and 80 economic indicators each quarter. The Estimize consensus has proven more accurate than comparable sell side data sets over 70% of the time and by 15% on average.

Contributors to the Estimize platform receive free access to view our data in return for their honest pseudonymous contributions. Estimize manages the honesty and quality of contributions via several machine learning algos and statistical methods, along with a human layer of review (human brains are still useful!). Estimize scores and ranks analysts, providing them with an easy way to store, benchmark, and measure their own accuracy.

Our data is available to purchase via the Estimize web platform, our API, and FTP and does not require you to contribute. Our clients include institutional managers running fully systematic quantitative strategies, fundamental managers running quantamental, long/short, and long only strategies, sell side market making and research desks, as well as macro investors and vol traders. If you would like to trial our API or receive historical testing files, please request them here.

Estimize represents the market’s true consensus, with our data regularly referenced in notable financial media sources such as Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, CNN Money, The Street, Forbes, Barron’s, Investors Business Daily and Business Week, amongst others. If you are a journalists who would like to request free access, or a media platform that would like to integrate Estimize data, please contact us.

If you have any questions, please visit the FAQ or contact members of the Estimize team below.

Our Leadership Team

Vinesh Jha

Vinesh Jha


Vinesh runs ExtractAlpha, a boutique advisory firm in Hong Kong which is foused on bringing analytical rigor to the analysis and marketing of new data sets for the capital markets. Vinesh was the Director of Quantitative Research at StarMine, where he developed industry leading metrics of sell side analyst performance as well as alpha signals based on analyst, fundamental, and other data sources. Subsequently he developed trading signals for proprietary trading desks at Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley, and most recently as an Excecutive Director at PDT Partners, a spinoff of Morgan Stanley.

Leigh Drogen

Leigh Drogen



Leigh is the founder of Estimize. Prior to founding Estimize, Leigh ran Surfview Capital, a New York based quantitative investment management firm trading medium frequency momentum strategies. He was also an early member of the team at StockTwits where he worked on product and business development. When he's not staring at rectangular lightboxes, Leigh can be found on the ice rink playing hockey, behind a grill, or off in search of waves to surf around the world.

Brian Smith

Jeff Geisenheimer


Jeff is the CFO/COO at Estimize. Previously he held the role of CFO at two publicly traded firms, Multex and Market Guide, and several private-equity backed companies, including Coleman Research, Ford Models, Instant Information and Moneyline Telerate.


Matt Wallaert

Matt Wallaert

Matt is a behavioral scientist and technologist who has advocated for transparent financial data since his role as Lead Scientist at Thrive (acquired by LendingTree) let him get an inside look at the predictive power of science based on literally millions of transactions. He's worked with organizations as diverse as the AARP, Treasury Department, American Express, TED, and Playboy. When he isn't busy helping startups create behavior change, he's playing lasertag with other founders or in the kitchen, cooking for a crowd.

Steve Miller

Steve Miller

Steve's experience covers a range of work in venture capital, finance, and corporate development. He has experience working for high-tech companies as an equity investor, debt provider and operating executive. Steve currently works as the Chief Financial Officer of Warby Parker, a ground breaking e-commerce and fashion company. Previously, he ran finance and corporate development for Majestic Research for 5 years, where he led the successful sale of the company to Investment Technology Group (NYSE:ITG).

Wayne Mulligan

Wayne Mulligan

Wayne is a serial entrepreneur in the Financial Media and Technology space. Most recently he was CEO of The Institute for Individual Investors (IFII), a financial education & publishing company. At IFII, he helped grow sales to $10 million and spearheaded the company's sale to market-leader Agora Publishing in 2011. Wayne began his career in equity sales and graduated from Columbia University.


We’re proudly backed by excellent venture capital firms and a host of amazing angel investors. Our investors from across the financial data, social media, and investment industries bring invaluable expertise and insight to our team.