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We partner with leading media, brokerage, and research platforms like CNBC and ETrade to give market participants access to Estimize data wherever they consume their financial information

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Our consensus data is regularly cited on leading tv networks and publications

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Earnings and Economics Data Featured on CNBC In Partnership With CNBC Since May 2016

Since May 2016, CNBC and Estimize have been collaborating on a variety of news, technology and media initiatives to enable institutional and retail investors to make smarter investment decisions. CNBC offers exclusive insights based on Estimize expectations and analysis to CNBC audiences across all CNBC platforms—online and on-air. This partnership encompasses sharing both Estimize’s earnings estimates (which have been more accurate than Wall Street’s for 12+ quarters) and our exclusive economics estimates with CNBC’s investor audience.

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Featured as Earnings Consensus on Benzinga Regularly cited for earnings previews

We work closely with Benzinga writers to provide them with our estimates and analysis around earnings expectations so they can share exclusive insights with their readers.

Preview an article they’ve published citing our data: "Can Oracle Or Jabil Circuit Offer Up An Earnings Surprise?" and "Big Banks In The Earnings Spotlight: Citigroup, JPMorgan, Wells Fargo."

Estimize Consensus Featured on MarketWatch Regularly cited for earnings previews

We work closely with MarketWatch to provide them with our estimates and analysis around earnings expectations so they can compare the crowd's expectation with Wall Street's.

Preview one of the articles they’ve published citing our more accurate earnings expectations: "Netflix earnings: What to expect from the streaming giant."

Also regular content contributors to:

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Rick johnston

Estimize as a crowdsourcing platform represents a market solution to the shortcomings associated with sell-side analyst forecasts perhaps resulting from their incentives. The application of technology to enhance the information environment of firms is innovative and possibly revolutionary.

Rick Johnston, Rice University, “Competition for Sell-Side Analysts?”

Our estimates are quoted by leading media publications and tv networks…

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