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Thousands of buy-side, sell-side, and independent analysts along with subject matter experts contribute their earnings forecasts to Estimize. Now with Estimize Leagues, you can compete with other industry analysts, your colleagues, your investment club, your classmates, or your friends to find out who the best analyst really is—and win prizes.

  1. Icon users Step 1 Join A League Now Join a league hosted by Estimize or any of our sponsors, or create your own to compete with your colleagues or classmates. It's all free.
  2. Icon stocklist Step 2 Estimate Submit your earnings estimates for the stocks in your leagues before they report their earnings for the season.
  3. Icon prize Step 3 Win Prizes Get the most number of points in your league by being more accurate than Wall Street and the other analysts. Win prizes.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are Estimize Leagues?
  • How do I win a league?
  • When will the winners be announced?
  • How do I invite friends to a league?
  • How many estimates do I have to make?
  • When do I need to sign up by?
  • Any compliance issues?
  • What if I lost my invitation email?

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Think Fantasy Football, but for those who are passionate about finance. Participants will spend three months competing against each other and contributing earnings estimates on a select group of stocks. Points will be awarded according to the accuracy of each estimate.

Individuals can sign up for an existing league or choose to create their own and invite friends or colleagues to join. The league can be as large or small as a league owner chooses and can be open to the public or by invitation only. League owners can choose to award prizes for their leagues.

The player with the most points at the end of the season wins the league. You receive points when companies report and your estimates get scored. The closer you are to the actual number reported by the company, the higher your points.

Prizes vary depending on the league. Estimize and sponsored leagues offer a variety of prizes ranging from Netflix subscriptions to interviews in the media and networking opportunities with leaders in the financial industry. To find more specific details, look for the prize icon next to the league name.

While the rankings within any league are visible throughout each quarter, league winners will be verified at the conclusion of the quarter and announced the first week of the following quarter.

If you are the league owner, simply add the email addresses of anyone you want to invite and an email will automatically be sent to them. If you have joined an open league and want to invite others, simply let them know which league you’ve joined and send them the league link to sign up. Invite only leagues require an invitation from the league owner to play.

Leagues feature a minimum of 20 stocks that you have to estimate on. In order to maximize the number of points you can receive, you must estimate on all of the stocks featured in your league.

Leagues begin on the 1st day of the month for each of the 4 seasons (January, April, July, October). Scoring takes place throughout the season as estimates are announced and leagues end on the last day of the month concluding that season.

You should register for leagues by the second week of January, April, July, or October in order to ensure you have time to estimate on all of the stocks featured in the league.

There are no compliance issues associated with participating in a league. Estimize is not a "social network." Estimize contributors provide earnings estimates for 1500+ stocks, after which Estimize aggregates the estimates to deliver a consensus that is more accurate than Wall Street 70% of the time. All estimates can be made anonymously, and our privacy policy is crystal clear about our commitment to your anonymity and observance of firm policies. We discuss participation in the platform with compliance departments on a regular basis and are happy to work with your firm. Reach out to us at

Please email to let us know the name of the league you were invited to join, and we will make sure that the invite is re-sent.