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For $325 / quarter, you can now subscribe to the full Estimize dataset without contributing your estimates. Use our advanced screening and alert capabilities, factor model scores and daily Excel files to stay on top of significant estimate revisions, big earnings surprises and more. 

Get a free 10-day trial now. Cancel anytime within the next 10 days. After the 10-day free trial ends, your card will be charged $325 for 3 months of Estimize premium.

Subscription Features In-Depth

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  • Full Unblinded Access

    Full access to all Estimize consensus data for EPS, Revenue, Key Performance Metrics (KPIs), and Macroeconomic indicators without having to provide estimates. Access begins immediately.

  • Advanced Screening Tools

    Estimize Earnings Edge gives you the ability to screen the entire data set over a range of important variables, save specific screens, and receive email updates just before market open with names that were added or removed.

  • Daily Email Alerts

    Personalized email alerts based on your watchlist. Large surprises, big shifts in consensus, aggressive estimates from top ranked contributors and more - fully customizable based on your preferences.

  • Daily Excel Files

    Receive daily excel files in your email inbox before market open with all of the data you need to integrate Estimize into your existing workflow.

  • Factor Models

    Take full advantage of our alpha factor model scores developed by our quant research team which include earnings revisions, pre-earnings drift, through-earnings drift, and post-earnings drift. 

  • More Coming Soon!

    Our team is continually rolling out new features to help you turn the Estimize dataset into investment returns. Our roadmap is a mile long and our quant research team is hard at work developing high quality strategies for you to leverage. 

Proven Value From Institutional and Academic Clients

"We found multiple benefits to using the Estimize dataset; especially in the case of short-term applications in which accuracy is essential. Another interesting byproduct of the analysis was the power of crowdsourcing. We found that some of the value-added in the Estimize dataset was due to the “wisdom of crowds” effect as more predictions give way to greater accuracy. Moreover, the diversity of the contributors provides a greater spectrum of information which can potentially improve investment strategies based on estimates."

- Yin Luo, Head of Quantitative Research

"The Estimize platform enables all four elements of crowd wisdom to exist in the process of setting the earnings consensus. Specifically, by allowing any individual to contribute their estimate of earnings, Estimize promotes decentralization and diversity of opinion. Indeed, biographical data of Estimize contributors indicate that contributors come from various institutions and professional backgrounds. Further, the freedom to cover any firm allows the decentralized Estimize contributors to draw upon any expertise, special local/industry knowledge, or interest that they may have when forming an estimate."

- Barbara Bliss, Professor of Finance

"McKinley Capital has tested whether Estimize estimates provide investable information that is not otherwise available from its competitors. The test results are presented in this paper. Estimize data appears to contain unique and valuable pre-earnings and post-earnings announcement information in a form that can be useful for an institutional equity manager such as McKinley Capital."

- Robert Gillam, President and CIO
"Estimize is a market solution to the inherent bias of sell-side analyst forecasts, which produces more reliable and timely estimates due to its size and diversity. We find evidence that the incremental usefulness of Estimize in forecasting earnings and proxying for the market’s expectation increases with the number of contributors. This illustrates that the value of crowdsourcing is a function of crowd size."
- Rick Johnston, Professor of Finance

"We find that Estimize earnings estimates to be more accurate and timelier than traditional sell-side consensus, especially for large-cap household names and as we move closer to the actual earnings announcement date. Estimize data is highly complementary to traditional data sources, factors, and investment strategies."

- Yin Luo, Head of Quantitative Research

All charges are final after the 10-day trial. No refunds will be provided. You can cancel your subscription anytime here: estimize.com/settings. All future charges associated with future periods of your subscription will be cancelled and will become effective at the end of your current quarterly billing period. Your subscription access and premium benefits will continue for the remainder of the current billing period.