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33,539 contributors

Including buy-side analysts, sell-side analysts, subject matter experts, and stock market enthusiasts.

Contributor quanttrader007 Head of Quant Research Frederick Tremblay, CFA, FRM, CQF 7,819 Estimates
Contributor michaelgrove Independent Investment Manager Michael Grove 62 Estimates
Contributor lazbird37 Specialist, financial services Adam Lazarus 124 Estimates
Contributor techstockradar Financial professional, independent Rob DeFrancesco 1,358 Estimates
Contributor j holliman Student at Southern Mississippi Jordan Holliman 2,053 Estimates
Contributor mfogel Student at University of Pennsylvania Michael Fogel 127 Estimates
Contributor jingge lou Student at Michigan State University Jingge Lou 37 Estimates
Contributor marshap11 Retired Financial Professional Marsha Peterson 360 Estimates
Contributor general bill Software Developer Bill Kerr 23 Estimates
Contributor greenvsred Retail Investor Alec Jeffery 8 Estimates
Contributor mike51r Digital Controls Engineer Michael Relko 696 Estimates
Contributor garyaross Forecaster, CrystalBalls Gary Aross 118 Estimates
Contributor cshort Senior VP Of Media Christine Short 464 Estimates
Contributor scooter186 Project Manager, Industrials Scott Hendricks 99 Estimates
Contributor scatigna12 Nuclear Mechanical Engineer Steve Catignani 457 Estimates
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