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The Most Accurate And Most Representative Earnings Forecasts

Estimize is more accurate than Wall St nearly 70% of the time

3 out of 4 companies beat Wall St, while only half beat Estimize

Estimize crowdsources earnings and economic estimates from 28,213 hedge fund, brokerage, independent and amateur analysts.

The timelier Estimize forecasts can more accurately identify earnings surprise which results in a greater capture of the post earnings drift.


Uncover Actionable Trading Ideas

Monitor how sectors and companies perform relative to Estimize expectations to discover new trading opportunities.

Top Positive EPS Surprises ($)

Top Negative EPS Surprises ($)

The Estimize data set should be central for anyone working to understand the market or build a strategic edge.


Join the thousands of analysts consistently outperforming wall street

Sample size matters. The Estimize community is large, diverse, and incentivized to be accurate.
Confidence Scores based on analysts’ past performance ensures the integrity and accuracy of the data.

Top Analysts This Season

  • PC
    1 86FTW PC
    Non Professional - Financials - Professional Services
  • JohnLestimize
    Non Professional - Financials - Capital Markets
  • asuram54
    Non Professional - Information Technology - Software
  • Analyst_5468042
  • Mortimer_Duke
    Financial Professional - Sell Side - Broker
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Track your performance.

Are you more accurate than Wall Street? Are you more bullish than the buy-side? We've built advanced analytics to help you analyze and improve your forecasts. You can only access them by contributing.

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You are qualified.

The more estimates that are made, the better the data set gets for everyone. Whether you have a strong hunch or a full earnings model, your expectations belong in the data set. Don’t worry—we have smart algorithms and a manual review process to ensure that the consensus only includes reliable estimates.


You can remain anonymous.

We're committed to protecting the privacy and anonymity of our analysts.
You won't lose an informational edge by contributing.


Finally, your peers are contributing.

Every season, more analysts, portfolio managers, traders, asset managers, and independent researchers join Estimize to build the world's most robust earnings data set.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who contributes to Estimize?
  • Why do analysts contribute their estimates?
  • Should I contribute my estimates?
  • Can I remain anonymous?
  • Is compliance an issue?
  • How do I know the data is clean?
  • Why is Estimize completely free?
  • Can I download Estimize's data?

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The Estimize community consists of anyone interested in the financial markets and wants an open platform to develop their track record, track their performance, and contribute to the broadest and most robust financial data set.

Analysts, traders, and portfolio managers from many prominent hedge funds, asset management firms, mutual funds and independent research firms contribute to Estimize. Contributing analysts also include many industry experts, corporate finance professionals, independent investors and students who add their unique perspective to the data set.

In order to fully leverage the wisdom of the crowd to represent the market’s true consensus, the Estimize platform is open to a wide range of different backgrounds.

Powerful notifications and analytics are driven by the estimates that you enter into the platform. Estimize delivers intelligence on where your expectations lie in relation to your buy side peers and the most accurate analysts. Our community members fundamentally want data from each other, and believe in cooperating to produce a more accurate, more representative data set without losing anything in return.

Estimize produces a audited track record of your accuracy as a fundamental analyst, and offers a deep set of analytics.

At Estimize we don’t judge estimates based on the background of the contributor, or how they arrived at their estimate. By using algorithms to review estimates before they are included in the consensus, and others to score estimates after the earnings release, we are able to maintain and extremely clean data set and prevent any gaming.

Please feel free to contribute regardless of your background or estimating methodology, many non professional analysts happen to be amongst our most accurate.

We provide the ability for analysts to remain anonymous. While all community members are asked to identify their professional or non professional status, we do not require real names, name of your firm, or your position. This preserves the ability for analysts to contribute without being compromised in any way.

At Estimize we take the need for certain members of the community to remain anonymous very seriously. Protection and privacy of your data is a core principle of our company.

Estimize does not fall under many firm’s “social media” exclusion policies. Estimize is an analytics platform that pools data together in an anonymous way in order to offer collective intelligence. Our privacy policy is crystal clear about our commitment to preserving your anonymity and observance of firm policies.

If you have further questions about compliance, please feel free to contact us, we regularly meet with compliance departments to review the platform for use within firms.

We use both a manual and algorithmic review process of every estimate entered into our system. Our algorithms look at attributes of each individual estimate, as well as the analyst’s track record, along with other factors. Estimize does not pass judgement on the reasoning behind an analyst’s estimate, only its statistical details. Unreliable estimates are excluded from the consensus.

The algorithms we use are very accurate, and are not concerned with how you arrived at your estimate, just the numbers.

Estimize was built to provide the market with an open data set that better represents the true expectations of the market. We don’t use a “give-to-get” model or charge for access to this platform as that would limit the influence of the data set.

As a company, we monetize through making our data available in a completely anonymous way to financial institutions who would like to incorporate it into their investment and trading models directly.

You can download Estimize data using our streaming and RESTful APIs to financial institutions looking to incorporate Estimize data into their models. We also partner with several financial data platforms, including Bloomberg, to deliver Estimize data to their clients. Please visit the API request form for more information.

More questions? View the full FAQ , our Beliefs , the Privacy Policy , or learn more About our company.